Mr. Guangda Chen is a Ph.D. candidate (BA17011, advised by Prof. Xiaoping Chen) in the USTC Robotics Laboratory at the School of Computer Science and Technology, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). He received a Bachelor of Administration from China Medical University in 2014. His research focuses on mobile robot navigation in dynamic and crowded environments, and interests include Reinforcement Learning, Computer Vision and Calibration.

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Distributed Non-Communicating Multi-Robot Collision Avoidance via Map-Based Deep Reinforcement Learning
Guangda Chen, Shunyi Yao, Jun Ma, L. P., Y. C., P. X., Jianmin Ji and Xiaoping Chen.
Sensors (Volume: 20, Issue: 17 , August, 27, 2020. WOS:000570341700001).
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Robot Navigation with Map-Based Deep Reinforcement Learning
Guangda Chen, Lifan Pan, Yu'an Chen, P. X., Z. W., P. W., Jianmin Ji and Xiaoping Chen.
ICNSC 2020 (17th IEEE International Conference on Networking, Sensing and Control).
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Accurate Intrinsic and Extrinsic Calibration of RGB-D Cameras with GP-based Depth Correction
Guangda Chen, Guowei Cui, Zhongxiao Jin, Feng Wu and Xiaoping Chen.
IEEE Sensors Journal (Volume: 19 , Issue: 7 , April, 1, 2019. WOS:000460683600034).
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A Flexible Grasping Policy Based on Simple Robot-Camera Calibration and Pose Repeatability of Arm
Guowei Cui, Guangda Chen, Zekun Zhang, and Xiaoping Chen.
ICIRA 2018. [BibTeX]

A Multi-view Images Generation Method for Object Recognition
Zhongxiao Jin, Guowei Cui, Guangda Chen, and Xiaoping Chen.
ICIRA 2018. [BibTeX]

Performance Metrics for Coverage of Cleaning Robots with MoCap System
Kuisong Zheng, Guangda Chen, Guowei Cui, Y Chen, Feng Wu, and Xiaoping Chen
ICIRA 2017. [BibTeX], [PDF]

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